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Update by user Dec 23, 2015

Happy to say that the Yorkdale Burberry location was accommodating. They offered me a $150 store credit which I used to purchase a pair of rain boots.

No problems, quality has been good(this was 2 years ago). Really appreciate that they took my issue more seriously.

Original review posted by user Oct 29, 2013

I contacted Burberry head office in regards to a pair of flats I purchased from them just over a year ago. Weren't worn very much since after a few months the dye from the leather on the inside of the shoe started to rub off onto my feet and staining them black. They told me this was due to moisture damage, which was understandable. A couple of months later, I was at the mall and it was pouring rain outside. I ran through the rain to get to my car and notice my flats are obviously drenched but now the dye has completely ran throughout the cloth material. They are no longer the Burberry camel colour check print, but all black and are now garbage. After contacting Burberry head office once again, they take a few days and get back to me and I receive a phone call from "a manager" Thomas, telling me this is still considered moisture damage. NO KIDDING. So I ask him what was I supposed to do? *** my flats and run bare foot in the rain because god forbid they got wet? I wasn't expecting them to turn all black.

I took them to a couple dry cleaners and shoe repairs places that told me this is unacceptable, that they have never seen this happen and it's a result of not properly coating the leather on the flat in the first place.

Sad to say you spend $250 on a pair of flats expecting top quality, and all you get is some made in China ***. Went out to buy a new pair from Tory Burch and the guy working there, after showing him my pictures of my flats swore that would never happen with their brand.

In the end I'm very surprised because I have purchased a lot of clothing and accessories from Burberry and never had any problems, but even more surprised at their lack of help in their customer service department.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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My Burberry bag is torn , customers service asked me to pay shipping and repair fee! Poor quality is not a customer 's fault, choosing Burberry is a customer 's a huge mistake! Being a loyal customer since 1999 I feel cheated .


this is totally ridiculous. Burberry needs to post an answer here and respond to this complaint. I'm christmas shopping for my wife right now and am canceling our burberry order.

to Anonymous #1082997

I can't remember my log in to delete this post but the update is that they did give me a store credit, 50% of what I paid $150 so they did accommodate me!


I am a brand freak and always buy Burberry, LV, etc but my recent online purchase with Burberry has left me aghast. They have a compulsory shipping so I bought a bunch of clothes which went through fine and I justified the shipping against my purchases but I get an email 3-4 days later that one of my ordered shirt for my son's gift went OOS.

I asked how come in such technologically advanced time, it cannot match the stock availability with online ordering. While some showed OOS, others it let me order and then they changed it as not available. From here on the customer service would make statments like:

- We cannot do it, Warehouse did not have the item, we will not ship it.

- We cannot ship it later

- We are glad to inform that you will not be charged for the unshipped items (yeah right you were doing a favor and were going to charge for an unshipped item)

- Although the order is not shipped (I did not get any notification), we cannot cancel teh order.

- Cant waive the shipping A luxury brand item where we pay 5-10 times more for a similar thing should know who are affording their products and be nice to them. This is not the first time I shopped online and it has ranged from something 1$ to thousands of dollars.

Hollister once shipped me an item free because of their mistake and did not ask for the previous one they sent. Toysrus ensured that because it was their mistake they would not charge shipping, a 1$ product shipped form china was resent to me for free. The point is not about the money value but the ability to help your customers to keep loyalty in the competitive world. A brand which has much more margin is so stubborn and cant budge is what *** me off.

So much attitude.

Agreed they are different and a luxury item but that is only upto keeping it expensive and making it uncommon but once someone affords it, they should extende an unparalleled customer service but all you see is "We dont care, Too bad" You are pissed off - We will recover it from teh next customer who orders or walks in to the store. Such a shame!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #734928

wow can you say junk? :eek :eek

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #734916

That's retarded, if your paying a lot of money for shoes regardless if their wet or not the colour shouldn't run off the shoe. Bad bad quality.

If you wanted something just to wear on your feet you could of spend 20$.

But you paid for quality and they do this??? I would complain to the high heavens lol

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